Tiny House Project - Odyssey Leadership Academy

We were contacted by Sarah Horton with Odyssey Leadership Academy last summer 2016 to see if we would be interested in volunteering to provide electrical for the fundraiser for the Academy. She asked we would like to install the electrical in a Tiny House project?

Odyssey Leadership Academy, Inc. is an Oklahoma Domestic Not for profit corporation.

The students of Odyssey Leadership Academy do not meet in a traditional school house - the world is their classroom. They meet in the downtown area at museums, library workshops and other business throughout downtown Oklahoma City. The students are gifted in so many ways: math, music, singing, musical instruments, the arts, English and the list goes on.

This past summer as we started all our electricians were more than happy to volunteer their time and talent to provide electrical service for the Tiny House. We were joined by partners throughout the metro area who provided electrical supplies and appliances for us to install.

We all enjoyed seeing the Tiny House from the ground up to completion. All those who put time money effort into this project turned out a must see finished Tiny House. We were very glad that we were able to be a part of their project.

Thanks to all my employs for being a part of a worthwhile project. And thanks to Sarah for allowing us to participate in her dream.